Paranormal Investigation: Be Careful out There

Tragedy struck a group of paranormal investigators when a Norfolk Southern train hit and killed 29-year-old Christopher Kaiser early this morning near Statesville in Iredell County, North Carolina.

Paranormal Investigators

Kaiser was part of a group of about 12 amateur ghost hunters who gathered on the Bostian Bridge near Buffalo Shoals Road at 2:45 a.m. on Friday, August 28, 2010, according to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office.
The group was at the site on the anniversary of the August 27, 1891, train wreck that claimed about 30 lives. According to reports from WSOC-TV, local channel 9, when the Norfolk Southern train rounded a bend, there were several people still on the trestle.
To understand why the group was on the bridge last night, here's a story from Creepy North Carolina that covers the original accident. And here is the Landmark newspaper article from 1891.

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