Ghosts at the Carnegie?

Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center

COVINGTON - Stories of a spectral man and young girl seen in the Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center in Covington have floated among staff for decades.
Walking through the cavernous rotunda and hallways adorned with Victorian-age fixtures in the 106-year-old building, it is easy to see why.
Many staff members said they avoid working late at night alone in the facility because of the lore and feeling they get inside the former library.
The ghost stories and a recent paranormal experience of a board member in the attic of the Carnegie prompted the staff to bring in the Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky in September to look for ghosts.
The investigation yielded recordings of ghostly voices in the Carnegie and videos the investigators said might show the supernatural. They will be presented to the public on Friday for the opening of a new art exhibit. Voices telling people to get out and of a young girl's voice could be heard on audio recordings, said Michael Palmer, founder of PINK.
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