Mickey's Bar and Grill investigated by Paranormal Group

Mickey's Bar and Grill

The historic Mill building on South Columbus Street has all the looks of a haunted building, and now local ghost hunters say they have the proof. Chad Houghs, leader of Earthbound Spirits Paranormal, a Lancaster-based group seeking to find answers to paranormal existence, spent a stormy October night investigating Mickey's Bar and Grill, 431 S. Columbus St., former location of the Tavern at the Mill. Houghs said the team collected evidence that proves the existence of paranormal activity at Mickey's. "There are definitely spirits, ghosts, whatever you want to call it," he said. "They are intelligent because they were answering questions we were asking them." The finding confirms what Mickey's Bar and Grill owner Mickey Eaton said he already knew. "It's definitely haunted, that's my take," he said. "Otherwise I'd be all right closing at night alone; it kind of freaks me out." The team collected audio and visual evidence. During the video, the team members can be seen on infrared video sitting in the dark attempting to talk to the spirits. On multiple occasions, a twist to turn on flash light turned on for a few seconds before being turned off -- all happening with no human being within a few feet. Houghs collects two forms of audio evidence. One uses a normal audio recorder, and another uses a high frequency antenna to pick up signals that are then translated into words. During various audio clips, team members can be heard clearly asking various questions and there are several responses heard softer than a whisper. He said many responses went unnoticed by the team during the hunt because of the high frequency; words were heard after playing back audio recordings. Two of the clearest sounds were that of a response that said, "Please be friends," and a slight cat meow. "We caught some good evidence on this one. It just seemed like everything was happening perfectly," Houghs said. At another point, the co-owner's name, "Mike," appears to be heard. Despite the successful hunt, Houghs realizes skeptics will doubt the findings. "They should get their own electronic recorder and go do it themselves. Then you'll answer your own questions," he said. Mike Eaton, Mickey's father and co-owner, challenges skeptics to test their beliefs and strongly agrees the building is haunted. "If there is such a thing as spirits, they're here - believe me, they're here," he said.

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