Ghost Hunters Part The Veil

Wairarapa CemetaryThe search for proof of the supernatural has been brought to our attention by a number of television shows and Wairarapa now has its own group of investigators trying to find evidence. Andrew Morahan said Ghost Hunt Wairarapa was an informal group of people dedicated to finding ghostly goings on. There are six clairvoyants in the region who help with the hunts.
He said about 5 per cent of people were able to sense ghosts around them.
Preschool children were more likely to be sensitive to spirits' presence.
Adults who were sensitive often became withdrawn or hid their talent. He couldn't say if there was a particular area in Wairarapa that had a higher incidence.
Ghosts weren't always fixed in one spot, Mr Morahan said. Some were able to move around but there had been instances of haunted houses being demolished and the spirit staying on the vacant site.
There wasn't always meaning found in hauntings either. "Sometimes there is a message and other times it's just nonsense," he said. And it's not just human ghosts walking the earth - there are cases of ghost animals. Mr Morahan said he and his ex-wife had been able to see "more cows in the paddock than there were actually present" at a dairy farm in the South Island. Some clairvoyants were able to receive messages from the animals around them, he said, but couldn't explain how this was possible. Mr Morahan said the group was happy to work with anyone who wanted to know if their property was affected by ghosts.


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