High spirits, but few ghostly, at Centre Hill Mansion

Centre Hill Museum
(Petersburg) - Most people can count on seeing ghost costumes on Halloween. Those who turned out for the Ghost Watch at Centre Hill Museum last night were hoping to catch a glimpse of a few real-life visitors from the grave.
The historic mansion was built in 1823 by Robert Bolling IV, and was home to three Virginia families over the years: the Bollings, the Davises and the Pryors.
The house hosted President Abraham Lincoln on a visit to Petersburg 11 days before he was assassinated in 1865, although he did not sleep in the house. President William Howard Taft attended a luncheon at the mansion in 1909 after he dedicated the Pennsylvania Monument in the city.
Near the end of the Civil War, the house was the headquarters for a regiment of soldiers under Union Gen. George L. Hartsuff.
Rumor has it that at 7:30 p.m. each Jan. 24, a regiment of Civil War soldiers enters the mansion for a brief meeting. According to accounts from residents of the home in the 1890s, the front door opens and soldiers can be heard marching upstairs to a room above the office, swords clanging against the railing as they march. After about 20 minutes, the soldiers are then heard marching back downstairs and exiting the house, slamming of a door.
Former residents have also told of encounters with another ghost, a beautiful woman dressed in white who likes to roam the grounds of the mansion.
A child who lived in the house in the late-19th century told his mother that a woman had sat on his bed one night, held his hand, and talked to him. The description he gave of a see-through woman dressed in white matched the description of a woman others had seen looking out of an upstairs window.
Two other residents of the house in the 1890s had frightening experiences of their own.
Mrs. Campbell Pryor sometimes heard a small melodeon playing in the library of the house when she was the only person home, and her husband often slept in a small room beside the library, where one of the ghosts did not seem to be welcoming. Every night when he turned off the lights to go to bed, his bed coverings were mysteriously pulled into the center of the floor.
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