Seen a Ghost? It’s Paranormal!

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Two thirds of Brits believe in life after death and one in five have seen or felt the presence of a ghost. The findings come from a poll about the supernatural led by Dr Penny Sartori, the UK's leading expert in near-death experiences. The Hereafter Report quizzed 3,000 adults and revealed 66 per cent believe in some form of afterlife. Thirty-five per cent say heaven exists and 22 per cent think they will be reincarnated. Of those who have felt a ghostly presence, 13 per cent are convinced it was a deceased relative or friend. Fifty-eight per cent of folk believe their late loved ones are "with them in spirit" and 40 per cent accept there are guardian angels. The figures suggest belief in life after death is at an all-time high, with recent eerie TV shows Most Haunted and Ghosthunting With... gripping viewers.
Dr Sartori, 39, an intensive care nurse from Swansea, says: "We are starting to see a notable rise in numbers of people having near-death experiences and encounters with deceased relatives.
"So it isn't surprising that the nation is becoming more open-minded in accepting that consciousness may exist independently of the body."
The survey marks today's opening of spooky film Hereafter - starring Matt Damon as a man with a connection to the afterlife. The poll found 53 per cent believe in psychic ability - and 19 per cent reckon someone in their family has the mystical power. One in five of us has visited a medium or psychic.
And while 32 per cent list themselves as "spiritual", 25 per cent say they are "religious". The poll also showed 65 per cent of people believe in karma and that our actions in life could affect our soul in the afterlife.
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