Eerie Goings On At Dunkeld Hotel

Rumours of spooky occurrences at a Perthshire hotel have been confirmed by paranormal experts.
Spiritualist medium Linda McCann visited the Royal Dunkeld Hotel to investigate several claims of eerie activity within the 19th Century building, particularly on the third floor.

Haunted Dunkeld HotelFour years ago a film director booked-in to the hotel and refused to stay in room 306 because of “paranormal activity”.
A second guest also made similar comments last year in relation to the third floor, while one of the cleaners claimed they too had “felt something”.
Sceptical owners Neil and Catriona Menzies, who are both 60, told the PA that “they haven’t felt anything” but decided to call in the ghost-hunters and were shocked by the results.
Ms McCann, who was not told where she was going beforehand, was accompanied by paranormal investigator Mark Turner.
According to a report seen by the PA, spiritual activity was detected throughout the building but it was Ms McCann’s reaction to entering room 306 which was of most significance.
The report explains that Ms McCann felt “very uncomfortable” in the room as it had a “very negative feeling”.
She sensed someone had hung themselves there. Heavy smoke was also sensed before Mr Menzies confirmed that a serious blaze destroyed this area in the early 20th Century.
A “lonely and sad” pregnant lady spirit, who was said to be waiting on her husband returning from the war, was sensed alongside a male spirit with a heart condition in the residents’ lounge.
Ms McCann also claimed a black cat and a man with an eye patch were also present.
In the function hall, which Ms McCann felt was a room of importance, she felt lots of men sitting around a table.
She said many of them were traders whose presence was official and serious.
Interestingly, it was later revealed that this room was the oldest Masonic room in Scotland.
Two children – a girl and a boy – were playing in a corridor on the second floor, while a male presence in room 201 never makes himself known but enjoys observing people.
In room 110, which was once male toilets, she described whispering men who did not make women feel welcome.
Mr Turner also set up four audio experiments in different areas of the building. Several voices were picked up, but the clearest was again heard in 306.
When asked who was hung in the room a response was picked up naming “Alan Hooper”.
Speaking about the chilling findings, Mrs Menzies said she didn’t expect to see reservations increase or decrease following the paranormal confirmation.
She said: “It doesn’t bother us at all. Some people will be interested, others spooked and the rest won’t bother.
“We find it very strange and very interesting. But Neil is the biggest sceptic in the world.
“A ghost would have to tap him on the shoulder and buy him a pint before he’d believe it was there!”
Built in 1809, the 35-room hotel on Dunkeld’s Atholl Street, was originally a coaching inn and provided respite for traders.

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